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(this is an) oral fixation
Posted on 2020.08.16 at 05:40

F-f-f-friendslocked, whut.
Comment to be added. Bring literacy and common sense. Sanity not required.

Warning: Much slash and fangirling in general abounds. Okay, less of the slash now, but. still lots of fangirling. and retardedness. /o/; Also, crack. 8D Oh right, also, adding me is like giving me due license to comment spam your journal posts, so uh.

(this is an) oral fixation
Posted on 2019.01.17 at 21:10
Look, look! Public commenting post, because the easiest way to catch my attention is through LJ. 8Db So yeah, any stuff about RP, comms, whatever, feel free to poke me here! :DDDD

...Or something. xD

(this is an) oral fixation
Posted on 2010.05.04 at 09:56
Passing this on - how to opt out of a search engine that collects public information about you on the web

Seriously, the idea people can find all my blogs and stuff in one place just by searching my email? Not cool.

(Cross-posted to [dreamwidth.org profile] ensoot/ashesto /[dreamwidth.org profile] asinter/cinderscape . Apologies if you end up seeing it several times.)

(this is an) oral fixation


Posted on 2009.11.10 at 15:01
Righto, I'm pretty sure I'm moving to Dreamwidth! It's just easier for me to keep track, sorry guys. Well, it's probably obvious I've all but disappeared from LJ anyway, ahaha. I just. kept forgetting LJ existed. (Much like Facebook. Ah, Facebook.)

Now someone help me figure out how to view LJ's from my DW's reading page. (Also, so if I flock here, does it flock on my LJ when I crosspost? Someone more savvy with this stuff tell me please.)

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(this is an) oral fixation
Posted on 2008.08.18 at 23:14
Pimping request for Anarahk - just curious, but is there anyone going to Yaoicon that would be willing to share an AA table with Anarahk@DA (teaat2am )?

Haaaaaah, school's almost starting again.

(this is an) oral fixation
Posted on 2008.08.17 at 01:31
okay, okay, nabbing from readerofasaph , amongst other people. xD

A-- go to my fics and pick out a line or two from one of my stories.*
B-- I will respond with which story I think it's from.
C-- points and a drabble to anyone who stumps me!

Anything on mikken ; I doubt you'll find anything off of there, haha. JUST TO SEE IF I CAN I'm going to end up doing a lot of drabbles, huh.

Will. write up whatever I got from the alphabet meme later.

(this is an) oral fixation
Posted on 2008.07.27 at 22:50
Pimping for pie - long green wig, if anyone's interested, she's selling! *public's entry for pimping* T^Tb

also uwaaaaaah, my eggs cracked. *fascinated* (shut up, I really did miss this completely with my first egg. I FORGOT ABOUT IT OKAY no idea how it actually reached adult stage. T^Tb)

(this is an) oral fixation
Posted on 2008.05.07 at 12:29
Fwaaah~ Hey f-list, hey f-list! Know anyone who would be interested in commissioning arts? Then please check 01/Zephuu out! She's awesome, she kinda really needs the money (even one commission would be good!), and she's Oujichama~ (okay so the last one isn't relevant, but. Oujichama! *A* Yes, yes, I know I'm retarded.)


Her prices at the moment are 50USD for a full body, and 35USD for a half body. (This is cheaper than usual, tooooooo.) Two slots open, yus, and you can contact her at acidlaced.love[at]gmail[dot]com!

I-if you could help spread the word, too, that'd be awesome. m(_ _)m

(this is an) oral fixation
Posted on 2008.03.05 at 20:19
brb semi-hiatus stop

auuuuuuugh midterms.

(this is an) oral fixation

Reborn FST of Doom

Posted on 2007.11.27 at 10:48
In-progress Massive Reborn FSTCollapse )

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